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Our Mission: At ICI as we have operated continuously since 1993 see license our focus has always
been, "how US companies can legally operate internationally" (per IRS codes).

Being UPDATED Spring 2023

We are dedicated to financial planning assistance, which includes business planning with specific orientation to the clients requirements, with an emphasis to business operations offshore, including organization to mitigate corporate profits to offshore operations. We begin with preparation of all related financial organizational planning, then implement according to finalized authorization. It should be mentioned we have also operated continuously in the Bahamas since 1991 and in Nevada 1993 and we now we have established our resident facilities in Ireland.

Lets be upfront, the Republicans ended the need for this program by lowering the Corporate Tax rate to 21%, however the Democrats have announced huge Corporate tax rate increases to possibly as high as 33%, it is therefore time to start planning ahead.

Our "Corporate Tax Mitigation Program' coincides with organizational methods used by the examples that were set by i.e; GE, Google, Cisco, Pfizer, Lilly, Microsoft, Oracle, Facebook, etc. We then add a few benefits used in private banking. Unfortunately, the cost for smaller profit corporations is prohibitive. To calculate usefulness, we estimate initial organizational cost of $200,000 then add operating costs (includes accounting and tax returns) which begins at 10% per $m and reduces corresponding to the amount of profit, therefore $1m profit the setup and operating total cost is $300,000 or 30%, accordingly $10m cost is $1,200,000 or 12%, each $10m reduces by 1% therefore $20m profit the cost is 10% until $100m profit the cost has reduced to 2.2%.

Our new focus is to assist companies organize there offshore holdings, through our Bahamas facilities to Ireland to ..... , then back to Ireland (double Irish arrangement (resident/non-resident)), which allows for arms length transactions' and then to Bahamas Bank or our EU bank for ease of access. All neat and legal.

Technically, companies aren't avoiding paying U.S. tax when they shift their income abroad. The corporation is simply delaying for as long as they keep the profit outside the U.S., we assume corporate tax reduction to match other major countries is a matter of time. Allowing for the obvious tax savings.

Consider the Supreme court, "every citizens is responsible to pay the minimal tax allowable by law" and, despite not being natural persons, corporations are recognized by the law to have rights and responsibilities like natural persons.

To proceed contact us at ICI so that we may make an initial evaluation of your company's potential to qualify for these benefits. Our hours are 9am to 3pm Weekdays and Saturday 9am to 1pm.

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